What should I do?

Im about 4 month pregnant and for graduations i went to a party with my friend and we got drunk , i slept with this guy and dont remember who it is. People after the party were saying i heard you hooked up but dont know who it is.

I already know that a bad and should be ashamed. I don't need other people to tell. me that , but some will still comment and judge me on that. I feel bad and when people ask who the father is i don't know what to say.

Is there a way to tell who the father is , im trying to get into contact with the person who was telling people about others hooking up. But some people dont know who it is and are asking friend.


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  • No comments/judging. Just try to find the guy who you were with. Don't feel ashamed - it's normal, it can happen to anyone.


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  • wow this is a very complicated situation. I am sorry for the frustration that you are probably going through. my advice would be to figure out who came to the party, and see what dude got drunk with you. you can always get on Maury if you find out who it is...

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    • i just thought as young as you are, i know it must really be a struggle you know with thinking about the baby, and worrying about clothes and pampers.. And even having a job may not be enough

    • I do have a job and i did help my aunt with stuff and she would pay me 100 for the day , and i don't know if im keeping him or her

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