Do you like my hands, do you have hand fetish?

Do you like my hands, do you have hand fetish?

I'm not going to ask if I can be a hand model because I know already yes I can I just need fake nails because I have short nails.
Do you like my hands, do you have hand fetish?


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  • Your fingers are very long ninja girl but couldn't laughing at your baby nails 🀣

    Nope i don't have a hsnd fetish but i like a girl's hands when uses them to cook for me and caress me πŸ™‚

    • Yeah I have manly hands ✌️does that turn you on πŸ˜‚

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    • Hmmmm... this cave man mentality is foreign to me...

    • See my foot fetish question and tell me if you have foot fetish

  • Simple

    • Stop being jealous

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    • People should grow up... but remember
      Your actions does affect the people around you... whether you like it or not.

      We are all responsible to all the stupid and shallow reasons of todays society.

      But nevermind.. sooner or later
      Life strikes... just in the blue.

    • You sound so weird sorry goodbye

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  • Hands are beautiful and very useful part of our body. They also can provide pleasure, create art, they dance they are a part of cultural dances, they nurture, we suck fingers as foreplay. We – me and my husband do many things with our hands, but we are not hand fetish.
    We respect our hand for what they are and take care for their good looking and good health. There currently is no widely accepted theory as to the causes of fetishes, especially specific ones. Research into sexual fetishes is very limited at this point. There is also a difference between what social science would often describe as a fetish versus how it is used in common conversation. Paraphilia is what would be researched before fetishes. A paraphilia is defined as being an intense sexual attraction to any objects or people outside of genital stimulation with consenting adult partners. A paraphilia is considered a disorder when the paraphilia is causing distress or threatens to harm someone else. Fetish often does not contain that within it is used definitions. Hand fetishes known as Quirofilia are formed as the hand represent the health of an individual, as a result represent a healthy partner to mate. People who are hand fetishists usually admire the nails - long nails, nail-polished - and enjoy licking or sucking one’s hand or fingers and the acts made with the hand including handjobs, fingering, slapping, scratching and so on.


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