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I don't post things like this as it's not of much importance to me, but whenever I start dating someone I get a little insecure about my oral sex skills... For the record, I don't really enjoy or like giving oral sex. I think it's kinda gross, boring, and I also don't have the greatest gag reflex. I do like this guy though, and It seems like he is into that sort of thing since he is bi. If we ever hook up I dread if he asks me to do it.. But at the same time I will do it at least once if he's into it.

Girls or Guys: Any tips on how to give oral sex?
Guys: What feels the best? Fast? Slow?
Girls: What to do about the gag reflex?


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  • You ask the one you’re doing it to for explicit instructions on how he likes it done. We’re all different

    • I know it's tje obvious answer but I was kind of hoping to impress him without sounding like I don't know what I am doing.

    • There’s no shame in asking. It shows you’re considerate

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  • Start slow... tease him... lick him... around the head... the shaft... avoid teeth... if u want me to explain better, PM me... your privacy will be maintained. I dont want to spill everything here where everyone can read.


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