Girls, Sock fetish?

Hi. I have had a thing for girls socks for a long time. i like to masturbate with them. Seeing some girls wear socks turns me on. Dont like the feet/dom stuff. Just find socks sexy in a way. I've seen that other guys are into this but do not se many girls that like it. Any oponions?


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  • My man has a fetish for boots, knee high socks.. Well things that we wear on our feet or legs. He says it's the feeling of the material. He likes it. Like I'd be wearing them & he'll take my leg or foot & guide it to his penis or balls, so I'll rub them softly against him... Kinda sexy actually

    • Or while were sexing or kissing he will feel them with his hands... He loves it

    • Thats cool! Thanks for the feedback:)

    • I actually like to masturbate using a womens sock. Slide one right on my penis. Ankle socks work but the calf height or crew sock ones do it for the most. The texture feels great and i find them cute. Different styles or colors are a turn on and they all feel different. Plus it leaves no mess ;)

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