Girls, why do you like being fucked hard and fast?


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  • Yes , hard and rough. making love is very intimate and special.

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      As my pantys now soaking wet i laud across the bed with a great view of the other aligning hotel rooms. As I began getting into my self exploration the music was so sexy and I was so sexually high from the gifts he had left for me the phone rang and I put the phone on speaker per his request and I ask if he could tell how into it i was thanks to him. And he said he could..!
      I said by my voice and he said not just your voice but from the hotel bar just so happens he got a room with a bird's eye view of the room and and the lighting was 6 pointed spot lites aimed right on the bed like a stage. He said I had an audience of Bussniess men that are and have been watching me and they were all standing up against the bar window watching a live sex show and I was the starlett.

  • Same reason as why guys want to fuck hard and fast


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