Girls, what do you think of or what is your sexual opinion of girlfriend wanting to sexually and verbally humiliate me?

Don't get me wrong I am an extremely kinky sexual person and together we are extremely sexual. After 4 years together and let me add what an incredible 4 years they have been both sexually and human level, she now a couple days ago while she has me in my boxes and has me restrained both wrists and ankles slowly teasing me and stripping my boxes off, she tells me that since day dot of us being together and seeing my manhood that my cock doesn't match up to that of her ex. Tell me that every time we fuck she always thinks to herself that I have a lot to match up to but has always thought of my cock as 'small'. While still stripping my boxes off and teasing me she continues twll me that his cock was ' deliciously thick vieny and vwe then tells me he was 11 inches my cock is not bad being 7.5 inches and somewhat thick. She now tells me that when we get sexual and I play with and tease her fist her eat her pussy and ass that she finds all that so much more satisfying for her because in her word the other night 'she can't feel my small pathetic useless cock, tells me the moaning she to turn me on but insisted that she doesn't feel my cock pounding inside her, continues to state that my embarassment of a cock does not satisfy her pussy the way she wants. With all this she has insisted and continues to insist she loves me, she isn't fucking anyone else and loves me to death.
All this to say she would like to tell me how useless and pathetically small and what a waste of cock mine is while I fuck her. Telling me that the thought of humiliating and insults my cock and me sexually while I'mfucking really gets her pussy wet.
I am all for it and more than will to do this with her. But she tells me that the things she will say while I'm fucking her is what she really thinks and that's she isn't joking but rather being very truthful and honest.

My question, do any woman here find things like this hot and a turn on? Should I be worried? Is she trying to tell something else?


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