Which is your favourite pornstar?

Mine is leah gotti 😍😍


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  • Alina Li.

    But she is retired already from porn industry, because of one incident while recording the movie. Too bad.


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  • To be totally honest, fake tits don't do anything for me. Amateur porn is much more authentic in my book. Although if I could get with Jennifer Anniston, she would be like Brad Who?

    • She is not a pornstar dude

    • I know that. I said I prefer amatuer porn. Porn actresses are exactly that, actors. Amateur porn is more genuine, where you can look into her eyes and see that she is really enjoying the intimacy.

    • Is jennifer anniston has any porn video? Ameteur porn?

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  • May I mention a former porn actress, Jenna Jameson. She´s an awesome person IRL, and I know that because I interacted some with her :)

    • Can you send me any of her porn?

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    • Not much to tell. I just talked some to her as she´s active in politics as a rightwinger.

    • Ohh... its okay if u dont want to pm 😊

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