Why is workaholism such a negative work?

I noticed that most of the peoplesthat see workaholism as a disease are the ones that spend their whole time, laying on their bed, doing nothing else than fapping on porn, and eating junk food. And then they come to tell you that working too hard is bad! I am seriously planning on becoming a workaholic this year, but everytime I hear peoples telling that it’s bad thing, while I think that having a balanced life will always lead you to add more pleasure, that you will regret In the end. Why is workaholism such a negative work?Why is workaholism such a negative work?
Sorry I mean : why workaholism is such a negative word


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  • I'm similar. When I was a workaholic I was enjoying my work the most. I wasn't groaning to crunch, I was thriving on it and filled with a sense of purpose and motivation.

    The downside I think is when you have responsibilities outside, like if you have an SO or family and the work is getting too much in between your ability to spend time with those you care about. That wasn't much of an issue for me as a bachelor though. I did have to tone it down a bit and learn to balance things out a bit more after marriage though, since I'd barely see my wife if I worked as I did in my 20s (often over 100 hours a week).

    • Wow! You used to work 100 hours a week? What was your job? Of your study?

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    • Did some work for James Cameron's Avatar long ago, and that was the longest and hardest crunch (lasted over 6 months of just non-stop work due to the incredibly challenging technical demands of the film). And lots of my colleagues seemed to be borderline suicidal as a result of putting in so many hours week after week, but I was enjoying it. Some programmers hate crunch; it's actually my favorite time to work.

    • It's strange to me that workaholic can take on a negative tone but we don't apply it to, say, a fighter who trains for multiple seasons, revolving his life around his training and preparation before stepping into a ring to fight. We tend to call that "dedicated" and find inspiration and motivation in that. But somehow "workaholic" is viewed more negatively. I don't see the difference.

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  • The sterotype you are describing would want you to workless since their life likes bad in comparison.

  • Balance is important. Work hard, play hard relax hard

  • I didn't know it was a negative word. It just means that someone is very driven by their career and there's nothing wrong with that.


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