Girls, when straight women do all that lesbian women do then what makes you straight, bi or lesbian?

Every statement of girls containing the phrase ''but I'm straight'' is always talking about something totally gay.

Are most women really straight? or it's a big lie? What is straight to women?

We guys are heterosexual for a reason; we don't enjoy the thought of doing anything sexual with another man. Anyone who does enjoy the thought of doing something like that and actually wants to do it probably isn't heterosexual, but bisexual/bi-curious/homosexual.

But why do straight woman say this, "women are beautiful, it's hard to resist"?

They say women are not homophobic that's why the thought of it doesn't gross them out and turn them off. Because of this lack repulsion they Make out with girls, Experiment with girls, Aroused by lesbian porn, Aroused by breast or nude female body, Check out women?

Their explanation is,
Sexuality isn't about what you've done or not done though. It's about what a person is sexually attracted to. According to them they are not sexually attracted to women but they are sexually aroused by women. Because straight means only sexually attracted to opposite sex, but definition of straight didn't mention sexual arousal.

They also use an example,
Asexuality means the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity. Asexuals also have sex and enjoy sexual activity. Straight means asexual to same sex. That's why as like asexual they have sex with their same sex and enjoy the sexual activity. As like asexual they just don't have that pull towards same gender but when sexual activity happen they enjoy it.

Those people who have Responsive Desire/Reactive Desire feel the same. Responsive Desire : You aren’t aroused at all, but then your partner starts rubbing your back, or stroking your hair, or kissing you and you start to think “Hmm, that feels good. I might be up for some sex”.
Do women feel same when have sex with women?

Female heterosexuality and Bisexuality is synonym?
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Still here all bisexuals comment hahaha funny
Girls, when straight women do all that lesbian women do then what makes you straight, bi or lesbian?
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