How many girls have had a lesbian experience?

Either with just another girl or during a 3some? Was it fun?


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  • I am straight and I would never do another a girl, nor do I fantasize about it, EVER. The thought of it grosses me out completely. Especially the thought of oral sex with a woman. Sometimes, I have to ask myself why you guys even do it to us. Women can be so gross down there, when they don't practice good hygiene.

    I do not understand this fascination that so many women have with the idea of being with another woman. It is like some fad, that guys happily push on us, because it makes them horny. It is like the latest drug craze. The guys are the pushers, and the women take the pill, because so many other people tell them it is worth a try. "Everyone should try it", to quote some women.

    Women try it, because it is out there and the thing to do. Most try it once, and never try it again, because it is obviously not all it is cracked up to be. These same women will turn around and tell you how independent they are, and how they don't do anything because of strong influence. Ask these same women, if no one was doing it, and it was not being pushed in the media, or anywhere else, would they all be so eager to try it? I think not. I wish some of these women would grow up, and stop this foolishness. It makes a mockery of our sexuality and muddies our sexual identity. All it does is confuse people. Tell me, question asker, does it not confuse you when women say they are straight and enjoy having sex with other women? I am a woman and it confuses the hell out of me. To me, it makes us look like a bunch of sexual screw ups. I don't care if anyone is offended by my opinion on this. I don't believe my points are far off base.

    • I find it a little strange in a way, as a guy I wouldn't want to have sex with another guy, that would make me gay. When I was at high school I think most of the girls had been with another girl, and some were even lesbians. I see those same girls now being exclusively straight and wonder what changed? These are some of the reasons why I asked the question.

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    • I love these women who qualify their sexuality by claiming to be absolutely 100% straight, and then proceed to celebrate how much fun lesbian sex is. Who the hell do they think they are kidding? That is like having someone tell you they are absolutely100% vegetarian, but they love eating meat.

    • Bisexual girls A Fad? no.. A Fad comes and goes and is never in the spot light again. This has been in the spot light for at least 2 decades, but before that, the hippies in the 1960's. The Roman's did this, Greeks, Babylonians, and nearly every empire for the past 5000 years, including the last Islamic Empire where the sultans would have between 100 and several thousand wives, where bisexuality between woman occurred regualarly and was looked at as harmless.
      Women do it, because it has been in their nature to be bisexual for at least 5000 years maybe more.
      Guys push it on woman? maybe... it could be said that it has also been a turn on for guys for the last 5000 years.

      hence::: in the Islamic Caliphe, 2 bisexual wives were never punished,
      but men were...

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  • I made out with my best friend a few years back. It was weird.

  • I'm bisexual and I've had sex with a number of girls.

  • I have and I loved it! Its amazing!

  • I have I am completly 100% straight but my friend whos bi and I were hanging out and we just started making out, nd got into a hot session with lots of touching and kissing and it was really hot it was a great experience just to try something new. but deffinatly wouldn't do it again

    • You are not 100% straight if you are willing to even try or think of touching the same gender sexually. REAL straight people would never touch the same gender sexually because it will gross them out.

    • I understand that but I'm not interseted in other girls..

      I just wanted to try something diffrent...

  • Believe it or not, but I have NEVER had one and NEVER will. I'm 100% straight and am NOT sexually attracted to girls AT ALL. So, therefore, I would never even try it, even the thought of it grosses me out, eww. Disagree with me if you want, but I have the freedom of speech to say that yes, I am super conservative and I believe only men and women should be sexually intimate with each other, that's it. Let me ask you, have YOU ever had a gay experience with a man or a 3some with one girl and another man? If so, was it fun?

    • I like your points :P, I don't understand how some girls can be 'straight' and have sex with another girl. how is that any different that a guy just having sex or giving a blowjob to another guy but considering themself straight?

    • I agree with you, G-Daz. I don't understand how some girls can be "straight" and have sex with another girl either. I think that if a girl is sexually attracted to girls and does sexual things with them like kissing or anything else, then they are NOT straight! They are either lesbian or bi. Exactly, if a guy kissed another guy or had sex with another guy, he is not straight. He is bi or gay. REAL straight people would never touch the same gender sexually because it will gross them out.

  • I have, and es it's really fun. It's something at least everyone should try. It feels very different yet fun.


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