How do guys feel about daddy kinks?


I secretly find the daddy kinks a massive turn on. I'm not a little and I'm not in to BMS or anything like that to much.

I just like the idea of having a big strong man proacting me and making me feel loved and treating me like his little princess. I love it when my man calls me his little baby and kisses and cuddles me a let's me dress up all cute and girly around him. Sometimes he wraps me up in soft fluffy pink blankets and strokes my hair and gives me soft little kisses all over my naked skin to the point were he goes under to eat me or ill give him a bj and when he spanks me or gives me it from behind I like to cuddle my Teddy. I like to feel small and vulnerable, It drives me crazy when he curls me up into a ball or spoons me, with his big musclur arms wrapped around me and just penetrateing crazy fast.

The only thing is he doesn't like to be called daddy and doesn't actually like me acting like a little girl or anything as do I as we think it's creepy and disrespectful to my actual dad.
How do guys feel about daddy kinks?
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