Why don't you want to date or get married?

Back in the day, women were forced to get married and date for shelter, protection, etc. I've heard many older women admit to knowing their husbands cheated on them or they simply don't care.

I see some young men try to pull this shit on me and it pisses me the fuck off. This isn't 1952 anymore. I don't have to deal with a nigga cheating on me, beating me, and disrespecting me. Bitch I pay my own fucking bills, I buy my own shit, and I'm a grown ass woman who can't fucking take care of her damn self. I don't need a man, never needed a man, and don't want a man. Fuck that codependency clingy shit. I have self esteem, security, and my own bank account bitch.

The only girls I know who put up with it are the girls who seem a little... slow. They fight over men, let them cheat on them while pretending to be the perfect couple, etc.


I'm gonna say this and I'm gonna say it one fucking time. If I fuck you, you never gonna fucking leave me. My pussy is not free, my time is not free, etc. If we fucking we married. If you think you're gonna leave me and we're married, I'm fucking you up bitch.

As far as boyfriends go... I don't give shit or do shit with boyfriends. These niggas want hubby privileges. They want your hymen, they want you to clean the house, smoke weed with them, etc.

I'm not no basic ass bitch on Instagram. You got me fucked up. I'm sure in this day and age you could find a bitch to do all that. But I'm not that bitch.

I could be sitting and chilling at my luxury crib, in my fucking expensive ass clothes, etc. Only broke and insecure bitches settle for bum niggas.


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  • *golf claps*

    Well now that you got that off your chest, did you actually have a question?

    I mean your title was a question but it clearly was a question directed at yourself so you had an excuse to rant and rave about how men suck and how apparently you at 19 years of age are somehow magically rich and independent.

    I mean, sure you got a bank account, but anybody can get a bank account since they're essentially free. No mention of that job at McDonald's filling your bank account, so all we know, your bank account probably only has like a buck fiddy in it.

    Look, you're setting yourself up for this kind of crap with your holier than thou attitude. Maybe you are successful and rich and all that crap, but #1- Nobody gives a shit and #2- you're no better than anybody else out there in the world.

    AKA, you're not anything special to be put on some pedestal and begged to go out with, nor are you justified for being worse than the guys you claim to hold resentment against. But whatever, you go girl *snaps finger* you go blast that No Scrubs song all the way down the street.

    If you're happy, who are we to argue? It's your life, do what you want.

  • Well I just have a difficult time getting to know someone trying to figure what questions I want to ask, so I find dating very uncomfortable fo me.


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  • I think Iā€™m starting to love you šŸ˜‚


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