Straight guy got head from a gay guy last night?

Ok. My gf's roommate is guy. Cool dude. So we all drank too much last night at their house along with her bff. Anyway of course her bff asked if I ever let a dude suck me off. I said no and shit got super weird. The my girlfriend asked would I let her roommate. I still said no. Then they asked what if they watched because that turned them on. I guess I hesitated or something and they were getting crazy with the questions. More sexually charged every time. After probably 6 questions they came up with what if they got naked and my girlfriend sat on the counter the bff fingered my girlfriend with one hand and gave me a prostate massage with the other. But when I felt me getting ready to cum, her bff would finish me off then do some sort of cumswap with my girlfriend. Thought that was far to porn like to happen. Next thing I know the girls strip and they did it fast. I started to back out and my girlfriend takes my pants off and puts her friends hand on my dick and said it won't take much to get me going. She was right. My girlfriend then hopped her butt on the counter and looked at her roommate and told him to get on with it. He did. And it all happened as discussed. With in 5 minutes after I started in my head with WTF? but I figured I did it for the greater good. Question is what's your limits to see most or all of one of one your fantasy play out.

Bonus for the ladies. Ladies, what would you be willing to let your bff do to your boyfriend to let a fantasy of yours play out
Straight guy got head from a gay guy last night?
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