Was he and why would he flirt with me if he’s taken?

So I met this guy a couple nights ago, he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, ( he was a manager where an event was going to be held the next day that I was working on) he was helping try to figure some things out and tried to make me laugh by saying google told him to buy a new tv to fix the problem, after I laughed I said I’d need a drink the next day because I was stressed and he looked at me and blushed a little and smiled ( I don’t look my age) so I told him I was 28 and from there he relaxed a little and we figured out the issue. On my way out I asked how old he thought I was and he said I figured you were at least 18, then I asked if he’d be working the next day Incase I needed his help and he said yes he extended his hand to me and sort of held mine and said I hope you have a really good night ok? So the next day he saw me taking something to the space and mimed tipping his hat to me and smiled. Then I was setting something up and happened to look up and he was standing half way behind a wall just kind of looking at me, When I noticed, he turned and walked away. Then before the event got started he did a last minute sound check and I said yes we got it working and he said we aren’t there yet doll and kinda sympathetically smiled, I was sitting on the ground in a dress and when I went to stand up he held his hand out to me and helped me up. When it was done he smiled and said now you can have that drink, but don’t go to crazy. He gave me his business card before I left with his number written on it. Thing is his Facebook says he’s married. Why would he flirt with me like that?
It’s just strange because he seemed like a good guy.


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  • He was just being nice some guys are just act flirty unknowingly and girls take it the wrong way

    • If that’s the case then why would he give me his number?

  • Is his facebook active?

    • Moderately I’d say

    • What does he work?

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