Girls, How would you react if you learned that the person you've been dating was a virgin before he had sex with you?

I'm asking this because i know a lot of women who just don't feel comfortable bearing that kind of weight, and some just like a man with experience. Also there is a girl who is asking the exact opposite question in regards to the person she's dating and the fact that she slept with 30+ men before hand.
Guys, Is it a turn off if you found out your girl has had sex with 30+ guys before you?
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  • I feel like there should be an indifferent option because I personally don't care. I feel like no matter how much experience you have sex with a new person means learning new things that apply to them only. Being experienced definitely gives you a leg up in finding what your partner likes or doesn't like. Where as it might take a virgin a tad longer, but if there's communication on both parts experience shouldn't be a deal breaker.

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      Yeah but there can be the feeling that you've been left out. Personally i think i would be a little jealous knowing my wife probably did orgies on the regular before she met me.

  • Me and my now hubby we’re both virgins when we had sex for the very first time and it was a very romantic experience. It was wonderful to know it was our first time for both of us and since then we started growing up in sex experience to the level to experiment quite a lot of sexual things that increased our confidence to each other and now that we’re married sex continues to surprise us in a great manner. So it was awesome.

  • I'd be fine with that


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