After a hook up... how should I ask this person if there is something more without sounding odd?

I had a hook up with this guy and he messaged me saying he felt a connection and he just said really nice things. we have not talked since since he is on vacation and getting ready to transfer into another college. I reached out to him once but I felt really awkward. anyway school is starting and I feel like I will see him this semester despite the fact he doesn't go to my school anymore.

I KNOW we are going to hook up again and that's when I wanna ask... "so is this just a casual hook up or is there something more?"

that is all...

I don't want to sound weird... I want to talk to him more and get to know him more. maybe after the sex... we talk about each other and I admit that i think he's really attractive and that if there was a possibly of something more.

I love the way he thinks. he is a very smart guy. he is very logical like I am. I stumbled through his youtube channel and he is very humble. he is funny and quirky...

so what do you guys think?


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  • I think you need to talk to him in the after glow and just ask him if this is going anywhere.

  • I would recommend to sit down with him and ask him about the text and tell him how you are unsure if he wants something more than just sex, and tell him that regardless of the answer y'all are gonna stop having sex because if he has feelings then y'all must explore your relationship outside of sex, and if he says no it's because you have feeling that you would like to explore. It's almost like an ultimatum but not quite, because he will lose sex as an incentive for either answer.

    • lol oh wow i think ima just let life do its thing and see what happens

  • Just hook up. Don't develop feelings for him babe


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