Girls and guys, please answer the following questions for me, thank you <3?

1. Arrange these gestures in order from most to least romantic to you: a) kiss on lips, b) holding hands, c) hug/embrace/cuddle, d) caressing

(About masturbation)
2. Do you masturbate? Age at present? From which part of the world?

3. On average how many times a week/day/month?

4. How? hands or toys or pillows or water jet etc? What ways exactly? Use anything for lubrication? Which one?

5. For getting yourself aroused do you, a) watch porn, b) read literature, c) fantasize? Or what else?

6. What turns you on most, about yourself and the other person or scenario? Any favorite personality? Pornstar? Genre? Fetish?

7. At what age did you discover masturbation? How and from whom, friend, relative, internet?

8. How was your first experience masturbating? Did you have an orgasm straight away? Presently, you need to cum each time to feel good? Or do like to just tease yourself also?

9. Do you feel any guilt after masturbating? Why or why not?

10. How long is each session on average?

11. Where do you masturbate? Bed? Couch? Bathroom?

12. Do do touch other body parts during masturbation? Which? How?

13. Do you like to touch yourself from over the clothes? How?

14. Have you tried to masturbate with someone else with them touching you and you touching them? With whom and how was it in comparison to going solo? If you haven't would you like to try?

15. Do you have any tips or suggestions for us about masturbation?

16. Do you remove your pubic hair? How much do keep it? Which method? How often do you have to cut it? What is good about your style?

17. How would you like your partner's pubic hair? Trimmed? Totally clean shaved? Why?

18. Would you be okay with your boyfriend/girlfriend watching porn (of non-degrading quality) and masturbating? Would you like joining them and also allow them joining you?

19. How many times can you orgasm in a session? Do you want your partner to be multi orgasmic?

20. How often do you get horny? Do you plan for masturbation?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Oh wow that's a lot , I'll definetly come back when I get bored.

  • 1. do
    2. you
    3. get
    4. off
    5. on
    6. girls
    7. answers
    8. or
    9. something

    • 5d

      11. why
      12. do
      13. you
      14. care?

    • 5d

      Not get off like literally, but it is a huge turn on to have them answered by girls, honestly, besides gaining some insight at least.

What Guys Said 4

  • 1. Hug, hold hands, kiss, cuddle, caress
    2. Nah. 20. US
    3. 0...
    6. I like long socks lol
    7. 12 I think. Internet
    8. I don’t remember
    9. I used to
    10. I don't know...
    13. When I’m bored yeah
    14. No
    15. Nope sorry
    16. Keep it
    17. Don’t care
    18. I wouldn’t care
    19. I don't know
    20. A lot. Nah

  • Hah.

  • 1. b, c, a, d
    2. Yup. 25. Europe.
    3. Don't really know. Sometimes twice a week, sometimes twice a day.
    4. Hands.
    5. a, b and c
    6. Pornstars: Veronica Avluv, Ava Adams, Dani Daniels... Genre: massage mostly.
    7. 12. On my own.
    8. I did after 3 minutes. No I don't, I edge sometimes.
    9. No
    10. 20-35 minutes
    11. Yes.
    12. No.
    13. Sometimes. Squeeze it.
    14. With a girlfriend. Very nice.
    15. No.
    16. I trimm it.
    17. Doesn't matter as long as it's not a jungle down there.
    18. Yes.
    19. Never really thought about it. Yes.
    20. Often. No.

  • Far to much to read l lost intrest


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