A hacker is threatening me?

Hi, everybody.
I've just received an e-mail warning me that i've been hacked. This is the message:
"You're probably wondering why you're getting an email from YOUR own address, right? I will explain everything to you.

I am a hacker and I hacked your devices a few months ago, I set up a virus on an adult site that YOU visited and I managed to get hold of your device.
Only, I noticed that you had very particular tastes in terms of "pornography".

So I abused your device to turn it into server RDP (remote control) and guess what I could do?

I simply recorded a split screen video with one side of your browser on the "site" and the other your webcam recording you... having fun. That's how I was able to send you this email from YOUR compromised address.
Following this, I made a copy of your contacts, photos, passwords, bank details and much more.

I promise you that I will not bother you after your payment because you are not my only victim. This is the code of honor for hackers. Do not blame me, everyone's work after all...
Want to know what you can do?

Well, I think 450 euros is a fair price for our little secret. You will pay by Bitcoin (If you haven't heard about it, search for "how to buy bitcoins" on Google).
The address of my Bitcoin Wallet:


(Respect uppercase and lowercase, copy / paste is better)
Important You have 48 hours to make the payment. (I have a tracker in this mail and I know you opened it.)
The video and the copy of all these data are already on my side and if you do not cooperate, I will be obliged to send the video to your most important contacts, your family, your colleagues, on facebook , twitter and many more...
To prove my good faith, here is one of your many compromised passwords:

Changing your passwords, destroying the virus, sending in repair or disinfecting your computer is of no use since your data is al
A hacker is threatening me?
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