Girls, do you find guy on guy hot?

So obviously most men find girl on girl stuff pretty hot (even seems like a good portion of women do too)
I was curious if any of you found guy on guy hot?


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What Girls Said 1

  • yeah but mostly just because all girl porn, straight or not, is over exaggerated majorly and is fucking stupid. they always act fucking dumb and I refuse to watch any porn with girls.

    • 4d

      hmm I can see that
      porn in general seems pretty fake to me
      i stick with watching only homemade

      are you cool with messaging me on this topic?

    • 4d

      nah man I'm scared of it, but yeah most porn is pretty fuckin fake!! I always stay away from anything watermarked because that's how you know it's gonna be fucking screaming (or "moaning") and some fuckin nasty shit that makes any arousal I had vanish in SECONDS.

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