Girls, Women, when you do the foot pop while kissing your s. o. (if you do), what are you thinking about, when it happens?

Also, what sort of kiss is it

I'm wondering if I were to do a test sample of women kissing men, of which ones legs pop up as it happens in lots of places, particularly the movies (The Princess Diaries), if there's a certain reason why women do it. You don't really see men doing it, so, why do women do it. So, if you can think back to when your leg pops after kissing your man or, the next time you are, can you remember what you were thinking about at the time, as well as what type of kiss it was

i'm going to look to see if there's a common theme in the answers

id like to get 100 answers if possible buttttt, if not, that's fine


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  • As soon as i read it i thought of princess dairies. My foot has never popped on its own lol. I popped mine once, i was young and crazy in love. I thought everything had to be perfect and i was like Amelia and wanted the dream kiss. It was a french kiss of course lol.

    • Thanks, for your answer. Like I said, just looking to see if there's going to be a common theme, hopefully i'll get 100 or so answers

  • I don’t think my foot even popped before lol
    Maybe next time I’ll pay attention to it

    • I'll let your answer slide, because you said you will pay attention next time, and you'll hopefully come back to answer it again, if you do it, but, I'm trying to keep this to strictly just people who do it

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