Girls, Would you be turned off if your boyfriend asked you to spank him?

Let's say while getting frisky, your boyfriend asks you spank his ass, and he starts getting really whimpery. How would you feel about this?
  • That would turn me on, I want to spank my boyfriend
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  • I dislike that, he should take the masculine role all the time
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  • No strong feelings, would probably do it for his sake.
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What Girls Said 2

  • My dream.
    If my crush asked me to do that to him i would cum in my panties at this moment.

    • 7 d ago

      Funny coincidence, i masturbated this morning, and thought about him ass up doggy style as i spank his fat ass and came. ... 💦💦💦💦💦😰😰👅❤

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    • 3 d ago


      Would you say this is a common interest among women in your country? or rare?

    • 3 d ago

      Canada? Like any other country.
      Some girls will do it for the man but they dont enjoy it.
      To me its important that the 2 are turned on by it..

      Only 5% of women are INTO it.. And 45 ish girla aren't into it. But will do it for the guy..

      Anyways, those guys dont usually care about their partner being repulsed by X sexual experience

  • Turn off 🖤


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