Girls, Is it weird or abnormal that I have a fetish for guys peeing?

I hope not! I just wanna make sure there's nothing wrong with me mentally because of this, because I've never heard anyone else say anything like this. Here's the issue: I sometimes get turned on by the thought of a cute/hot guy peeing! ☺️ Like, sometimes in public, if I see a cute/hot guy go into the men's room, I can't help actually picturing him standing there peeing in the toilet or urinal! 😚 And I even imagine the sound of him peeing! One time, when I happened to be sitting in a chair next to a single restroom (not because I wanted to be—I just happened to be), a cute guy went in there, and I couldn't help enjoying hearing him pee! Although that time, my clit wasn't stimulated—it just gave me mental sexual pleasure. And I still think about it occasionally. Oh, and I've had this fetish since I was about 12. And one time in high school, my then-crush was desperate to pee, and I actually liked that! The teacher wasn't letting him go to the restroom, but when she finally let him, I also liked that, because I had mental sexual pleasure about the fact that he was about to take an intense pee. ☺️ And of course I pictured it and imagined the sound of the probably-loud pee stream. But what actually stimulates my clit is—not when I know that a guy has to pee or IS peeing—but when I just imagine a cute/hot guy (not any specific guy) having to pee really badly, and then relieving himself with a nice intense, long pee (yes I like the thought of guys taking long pees) 😊 But actually, (I haven't had a boyfriend yet because I've been dealing with some life issues that have made me not ready to start dating anyone yet) when I get a boyfriend, something I really can't wait to do (when we've been together long enough of course) is actually WATCH him pee sometimes (and maybe even hold his dick while he does 😊), and that will probably turn me on too! ☺️

Anyway, is this normal? I hope there's nothing wrong with me. Are there any other girls/women who have a fetish just like this?
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Oh and do you think any guys have a fetish like this toward girls?
Girls, Is it weird or abnormal that I have a fetish for guys peeing?
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