Does anyone else have a Fetish for soft and fuzzy thing like fleece?

Anything that is soft and fuzzy really turns me on. I have over 20 super soft blankets that I use as sheets for my bed and use to cover my couch which I always sleep/lay naked in, it feels so nice. My favorite blanket brand is Berkshire blankets they make the softest ones. I have soft onesies which I wear in the house. I am not a crossdresser but I do have many women’s fleece jackets/pullovers which I only wear in the house or when I am making a quick trip late at night. My favorite brand is The North Face they make the softest stuff, like the Osito jacket. When I Jerk off I use a soft blanket which feels much better than just my hand and because I cum in the blanket its super easy to clean up just have to wash it after a few times.
It’s not just fleeces either I am not into fur, but I do like Ugg boots. I prefer when girls wear Uggs over heels. I don’t have a foot fetish but the thought of a girl wearing Uggs with barefeet and possibly sweating in them really turns me on. In my 25 years I have dated a good number of girls mostly in the past 6 years. During college I would ask out the girls that always wore their Uggs or fleeces in the classes I was in. I would gift them new stuff as well and always did everything I could to get them to wear their soft stuff when we went out. When we had sex, I would do my best to get them to keep their Uggs and stuff on during.
I am not sure why or when my fetish started but growing up we had a few soft blanket on the couch that I would always wrap myself in and being a tween and getting a hard randomly I would start to touch my self with the blanket and when my mom got me two for my bed I started to really rub myself with them and after awhile It would make me cum. and I just kept doing that getting more blankets for my B-days and stuff.

Does anyone else have this fetish as well or just really likes fuzzy stuff?
Does anyone else have a Fetish for soft and fuzzy thing like fleece?
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