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#DickSurvey okay?

Guys copy/paste. Girls join if you want but you’ll have to reverse the question to describe what you prefer the guy have.
1. Do you precum a lot?
2. Do you shoot or ooze?
3. Are you circ or uncirc?
4. Do you think girth or length matters more?
5. Do you prefer the taste of your partners precum/wetness OR cum instead?
6. Have you ever tasted yourself?
7. Do you have a veiny dick?
8. Do you shave/trim pubes or have a bush?
9. Do you like having your balls played with?
10. Boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?
11. Whats the ideal dick size in your opinion?
12. Are you a virgin?
13. Have you had more than 10 sex partners?
14. Are you waiting til marriage?
15. Would you let a girl suck your dick less than 10 minutes after you’ve peed?
16. If a girl wanted to ride you cowgirl style, would you let her take charge or would you hold her down and thrust up?
17. Where would u NOT want to cum on her?
18. Can you feel the “ridges” in your dick when stroking it?
19. Is your dick fully/mostly the same tone as the rest of your skintone?
20. Is your head more bloody pink or closer to the rest of your skintone?
21. What age did you start masturbating?
22. Ever had a hard on in class or at work?
23. Are you into giving anal?
24. Do you prefer she deepthroat or just focus on the tip?
25. Do you honestly enjoy titfucking or thighfucking?
#FeelFreeToList #LongAssSurvey
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I wonder how many guys has to stare at their dick while answering this 😂 i just wonder if u knew these answers by heart lmao
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Fuck this was not a good idea. 60 opinions and I don't know how tf ill give out mho. This was prob the hottest survey i ever asked. My hormones are raging at this point. My questions dont usually make me feel some type of way. I shouldve saved this for when i was more single cause rn ain't it 😂 i need this guy to get to vegas asap cause im gonna take all my frustrations out on his dick 🙈 dammit yalls answers were hot af. I can't make another one of these. And my customer on the phone rn, his name hyman😂
#DickSurvey okay?
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