Tell me your favorite sexual fantasies/scenarios! I'll share mine first :) Required question mark?

I just wanted a place for sharing sexual fantasies, I find it hot as hell. I don't know if mine counts, since I don't imagine it happening to myself, but I'll share it anyway. Keep in mind that this isn't meant to be a story or anything haha, just explaining my fantasy

A guy goes to a "clinic" for some sexual treatment. A nurse leads him to the doctor's office, ties him to a chair and puts on porn for him to watch while he waits for the doctor. His hands are bound too, so he can't jack off while he waits, of course. It's a while before the doctor arrives, but by the time she does, his dick is hard, which pleases her; he's almost ready for treatment.

She lightly brushes her fingertips against his bulge, teasing him. She then dry humps him, groping her tits in front of his face. She then unzips his pants and takes out his dick. She lightly licks up his length, preparing him for what's to come. Before sucking him, she teases him more. The patient begins to rock his hips, silently begging for more.

With her patient still tied down, the nurse climbs onto his lap and begins fucking him, but slowly. She doesn't want him to come yet. While she rides him, she gropes her breasts even more, rubbing the fact that he can't touch her in his face.

She's been teasing him for some time now, and he's had enough. So has she.

The doctor unties her patient and tells him to fuck her as hard as he can. He tells her to get on her knees, grabs her hair and begins to fuck her mouth, hard. This doesn't last too long, since he still wants that tight pussy.

There's a counter in the office, which the doctor leans on while the patient fucks her from behind. He fucks her balls-deep and hard, her moans encouraging him. She eventually comes, her pussy tightening around him, causing him to come, at well, but they're still not finished. He also fucks her against the wall, just as rough as before. The pair come again, and probably even more times.

Feel free to share yours below :)
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I know my sexual fantasy isn't very detailed, I really wanted it to be but the character limit wouldn't let me

I look forward to any fantasies people share ;)
Tell me your favorite sexual fantasies/scenarios! I'll share mine first :) Required question mark?
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