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Was I wrong to cut him off and out of my life?

So I had a guy I was talking to for a little bit. Not long probably about a month. We were really vibing but we hadn't really hung out yet. He made a big show of telling me he doesn't want me to touch him and he wasn't interested in sex. Well when he finally came over to hang out he kinda immediately tried touching me. I was really distant. But literally the whole night he kept persisting. Even when I got rude with him about it. He kinda randomly found an opening and forced his face between my legs pushing wasn't working so I just let him do whatever because he managed to actually turn me on. That lead to sex. Which wasn't good. And like after it was done I told him to get out. And texted him I'm didn't want to persue anything further and cut him out. But now for some weird reason I feel bad because he said something about really liking me. Was I wrong? I just felt extremely disrespected and grossed out by his behavior honestly.
Was I wrong to cut him off and out of my life?
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