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Guys, how do I make him feel better? Is it his issue or mine?

My boyfriend and I were talking about porn and then he asked have I ever done anything with a girl and I said depends what you define as done. Anyway we got distracted with his friend that walked past so we stopped for a chat. Later that night he called me and we were talking and I said we never finished that chat and he’s like I know so have you? And I explained when I was 18 I was in the pool with my friend and her boyfriend at the time and she came over and kissed me.

Anyway he went really quiet and I said did that story annoy you? And he said yeah a bit and I said why and he said coz of the guy now I’m picturing it. I said nothing happened with him and I could hear he was not happy and he kept saying let’s change the subject and that he needed to go to bed. I apologised a few times for it and he sent me his usual goodnight message but this morning he didn’t send me a good morning message like he does and when I sent him one he was still off.

Nothing happened with this guy so I don’t know what he’s picturing but what do I do? Is this his issue or mine? And if it is mine how do I make him feel better?
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Guys, how do I make him feel better? Is it his issue or mine?
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