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Am I the bad one like he says? Tell me whos wrong?

Yesterday night, i was feeding my 2 week old, premature baby. While my hub was on his phone listening to music, and my other 2 kids were playing. My 2yr old kept bothering my 1yr old, laughing hysterically, while my 1yr is crying and screaming. Im constantly demanding him to stop, but he doesn't listen to me. My hub finally told him to stop, and he did for only a bit.

Husband then yelled at me and accused me of not changing my 1yr old diaper, which i just did befote feeding my newborn. He then yelled at me and accused me of not telling our 2yr old to stop. I told him i already changed diaper and constantly told him to stop but he won't listen. My husband was talking over me loudly and told me im stupid as fuck, i have a stupid brain, i like flipping stories, im wicked, bitch, cunt, pussy, and such a kid he isn't going to talk to a stupid as kid like me. And jammed up the music in his headphones so he couldnt hear me. He said i can just take our baby over while taking our 2yr old away.

I ask him why he just won't help me, and why is he so mad that he had to tell them to stop, theyre his kids too. He ignored me and didn't talk to me for the whole night. My 2yr old threw up on our bed, i told him to get up so i can take it out and he just ignored me like i dont exist.

He emailed me that im a very bad wife, he misses his ex, theyre better than i am. Im a bad mother, im evil, mean, and he regrets marrying me. I shouldve just talk to him calmly or not say anything back.

I don't know what i even did wrong to him.
Am I the bad one like he says? Tell me whos wrong?
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