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How do I tell him that I orgasmed?

So I’ve been regularly hooking up with this guy since mid May, and I had yet to orgasm with him... until today.

bit of a backstory, he’s the first and only guy I’ve ever had sex with. He’s very nice and makes me feel comfortable and isn’t selfish in bed. He always pleasures me first and then I do him. However I’ve never had an orgasm with him. Even when I masturbate in front of him on my own I haven’t been able to reach climax. I’ve only ever done it by myself.

Anyways, We have been talking about what new things to try, and I said I had a vibrator that I’d like to try. And he said he wanted to try to make me squirt. Turns out I can indeed squirt and it felt pretty good but I didn’t orgasm. However, we had sex right after I squirt so I was extra wet down there and we were just in missionary, but I actually orgasmed! For the first time! We actually both orgasmed at the same time which was actually really fast lol. But I’m not loud or anything so he didn’t noticed that I finished. And then I didn’t wanna just blurt out “hey I just orgasmed too” and now it’s too late so I don't know if I should text him “btw I did orgasm” or like I don't know what to do. Pls help lol. I know he really wants to make me orgasm but I feel like it would be weird to tell him now.
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Thanks for all the input. I think that’s I’ve decided that for next time, I’m going to just tell him, “hey, whatever we did last time was amazing” and hopefully we do it again and I can cum again but this time I’ll be louder and maybe ever just straight up say “I’m gonna cum”.
How do I tell him that I orgasmed?
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