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Is my crush creepy?

This guy can’t keep his hands and eyes off me. He holds on to me tightly when we hug and doesn’t let go. He hugs me close to his body. When I try to get away, he holds on to me tighter. I back up and he pulls me in closer.
Each time I pass by him, he stands in my way. I know he does this to reduce space so that our bodies touch for when I walk by. I can feel him sniffing me too.
When we talk, he scoots closer and closer towards me. Our bodies touch. He looks into my eyes and no where else. I asked to borrow a pen from him once and when I handed it back to him, he grabbed my whole hand with it.

He constantly stares at me and doesn’t bother to look away when he’s caught.

People tell me that this is too creepy when I tell them this. This is funny because this is a guy I thought was smoking hot. WAY out of my league. I never thought he would be like this... well at least towards me lol. He is hot so I don't mind it but he is kinda getting outta hand. One of my friends told me that he has some kind of weird fetish for me.
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Is my crush creepy?
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