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Am I Gay, Bi or straight?

So I have only slept with woman, I only have a interest in sleeping with woman. But in my last relationship my ex girlfriend got me into anal, she would stick things in me like fingers, dildo and use a strapon on me sometimes, sometimes make me watch transexual porn with her and masterbate together over it, talk me into wearing sexy hot pink gstrings during sex sometime, shaving my legs and chest, and wearing woman's gstrings daily, she was super hot and I did her most days, sometime twice or three times a day, she didn't do me more then a couple times a month, but still wanted me to shave all over and wear gstrings, I have a really sexy body and manly face and full beard. Anyway I ended it cause I was weirded out after awhile, but recently I got drunk and put on a g and pumped a dildo in my ass and wanked to transexual porn and after I came my whole mindset changed and I thought omfg I'm gross what am I doing. I feel sick. I have had a chance to sleep with a transexual that looked like a hot woman but I simply had no interest in sex or even touchy her in anyway.
Am I Gay, Bi or straight?
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