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Should I try things his way? Or walk away?

I got drunk and hooked up with this guy. I want to sleep with him again because I don’t remember much of it but before set a date, he told me over the phone what he likes in bed and I told him what I like. He seems down to do what I want but I’m not so sure about doing what he wants. I like giving blow jobs but he said he’s into fucking the shit out of my face, like super hard and fast and that makes me a little nervous. Then he said he’d want to smack me, and when I asked with what he said his hand and I asked where and he said your face and now I’m creeped out. Then he started talking about how he’s really into anal, and I’m not. And also he said he wanted to cum over my face, which out of everything else he mentioned, I guess I’d be okay with that.

Im sure everything he wants to do is probably normal, it’s just a little scary to me. Should I try everything with him and see how it goes? Or just end it now since clearly we want different things?
Should I try things his way? Or walk away?
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