Why are men jealous and aggressive towards female virgins and good girls?

I'm 20 years old and men my age piss me off and aggravate me.

I so sick of their liberal bs. Smoking weed, fucking everything in site, and having a bachelor degree doesn't make you smart.

I get called stuck up for being a virgin. I refuse to do anything before marriage and I let it be known. I'm not a cum bucket. I'm not a squirrel, I don't walk around with nuts in my mouth. It's all about respect.

I don't drunk, smoke, do drugs, or party. I'm into fitness, fashion, health, and hair care. I'm a very simple and laid back woman. I'm very sick of annoying ass men my age asking me why I'm not some instagram bird.

I don't wear makeup because I don't fucking want too. I'm not on social media because unlike some of you immature ass men, I don't post my business on social media 24/7. I'm completely quiet, introverted, and a homebody. I don't believe in male friends or having many friends at all.

A lot of men my age think it's okay to approach me by calling me a Bible thumper or judgmental. They also do disrespectful bs like ask for nudes. If I just told you I'm religious and celibate, why the fuck would I send you pictures of my my body you dumb fuck?

A lot of men my age like playing mind ganes. They'll gaslight a woman and call her crazy, then try to make her jealous. Partially, it's a lot of young womens fault because they like the attention and competing over assholes, I don't.

I started becoming very good at ghosting, blocking, and ignoring men.

Don't fucking talk to me.

I'm not dating in my 20s. Most of these young people be cheating on each other and fucking other women. Their relationships are immature and dumb.
Why are men jealous and aggressive towards female virgins and good girls?
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