How to admit my submissive nature to my wife and introduce her with femdom and BDSM?

I am naturally submissive all my life, but I realized and admitted that to myself pretty late.

I was always submissive, always attracted by dominant women.

My whole life I was trying to be a dominant alpha male because I was reading and hearing everywhere that girls like guys like that.

I had luck with girls and I can say I was a popular guy, but I have a feeling that, sooner or later, many of them felt that I am actually a submissive beta boy. After every break, I was trying to be more of an alpha, more dominant guy.
When I achieved that state and treated girls like a badass, I thought I am on the right track. I became rougher in sex, practiced stamina and lasting longer... I became a sex machine, and my ego was growing.

At that moment I met my current wife. We had wild sex for months. We fell in love so hard. As years were passing and sex became rarer and I became less and less interested in sex, I realized that I am not happy anymore. I actually never enjoyed that kind of sex.

I was thinking a lot and realized that I am a truly submissive beta boy in my heart who yearns to be sexually dominated.

I am in a great dilemma about how to admit everything to my wife.
I know that many of you would tell me to just tell her and admit it at once. But I can't do that, I am not that kind of guy.
I tried that in some different situations and in some other topics but it never worked up for me.

I would like to slowly introduce my beloved wife to my situation and see if she would like to be my domme.

I hope you will share your honest opinions and any advice on how would you deal with this situation.

Thanks in advance! :)
How to admit my submissive nature to my wife and introduce her with femdom and BDSM?
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