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I'm regretting my decision?

(This is gonna be a long post, bare with me)
I was planning to drive down to my bfs and I made extra money on this paycheck so I decided to get a rental car which costed 200 dollars. I was so excited got the car was driving around for a bit. my boyfriend and I only get to see each other once a week. even tho I've asked if we could see each other more he says "we will we will". so anyways I get a video from him from messenger and it was a girl from pornhub dancing in a towel then she get completely naked. long story short I was upset, he didn't apologize and i told him it made me insecure. i cried, cause he wasn't sensitive to my feelings. He told me not to drive down cause there's things "you gotta fight through". he broke it off, then the next day he messaged me saying he was scared to see me and that he messed up. but wanted me back. he didn't say sorry, he said "I messed up" what do I do? I would never do that shit to him! especially when we only see each other once a week he takes away the time it is to see each other and we rarely ever talk on the phone. I know I'm not the prettiest girl, but why does he do this? I guess his friends send naked girls to each other. which in my opinion is not cool. but it's just a guy think right?
This happened 7 months ago and we have been broken up for 6. he's found someone new and I was crushed, he would send me texts (memes) every month and I'd strike a convo with him, he said he was bored all the times I asked him. One time even said he was horny. What do I do? I'm crushed. He found someone else. Sorry for the long post guys.
I'm regretting my decision?
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