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How do you date as a demisexual?

Any demisexuals out there have advice for how to date? Apps are obviously a terrible format for demis and the one friend I met IRL and eventually developed an attraction to didn’t feel the same. I have a fairly high sex drive and I’m losing my mind but it feels like there’s no solution 😩 I tried the casual thing w guys I wasn’t attracted to and I immediately regretted it bc I really had to disconnect and go into my head and even then it was a struggle to really get pleasure out of it other than the satisfaction of just being touched in general but it wasn’t anywhere close to as satisfying as being with someone I actually want to have sex with. Just don’t know what to do :/ PS- please don’t suggest masturbating or “dating myself”. Belieeeeve me I do plenty and it doesn’t help.
How do you date as a demisexual?
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