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Am I overreacting?

After this incident of me thinking my boyfriend had cheated on me with a girl I told him not to talk to over 3 times (she kept trying to take him from me) has made me very paranoid and doubtful. She shown me screenshots 2 weeks later after I asked her. She sent some of her talking sexually with him and him about doing the same. He promised on his mom they were not real and he'd never cheat on me. I was more hurt that he was still talking to her behind my back. With all their messages deleting and a text sent to her from him saying "hey, I have something to congess" he claimed to me was gonna tell her he couldn't talk to her anymore. He gave me his insta acc (s) few days later (so who knows what he was doing) for the sake of gaining my trust again. Got curious what kind of things he liked/looked at on insta. I found a few pics of girls half naked with a big ass. I just told him it made me feel insecure and to not do it anymore. He told me he wouldn't. Well, he kept doing it a few more other times. I started to feel like he didn't respect how it made me feel because he was getting pleasure ( turned on) from these IG models (he told me later on that "sorry I'm a horny teenage boy and girls turn me on") . I started to get jealous and so over it. I made a huge deal about it if as I was going to break up with him because I don't look at other guys when I have him and I'm in this to admire him. Yet he admires and likes another girl with a bigger ass than me. He knows I have been through a lot growing up and to me like he could care less when he goes and does the same. He has repeatedly told me "it's just an ass. I liked it for no reason. It means nothing to me" I totally disagree. No one can just like a pic for no reason which like I said before he told me it turns him on. Which hurts me. I show him naked girls all the time but that's when I'm there, his friends do it too. I dont care it's only when he does it when no ones around that bothers me the most. Please help me.
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Am I overreacting?
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