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Penises really are like mushrooms?

Today I went mushroom foraging in the woods and came to realise how similar looking for cock and mushrooms actually is.

Many not worth bending down for.
Some too young and best left alone.
Many will make you ill.
Some leave a nasty taste.
Old ones are past their best.
Some are too soft to be useful.
You got to know where to look to find the best ones.
If you're not quick someone else will get the big ones first.
If they're covered in poo you got to clean them.

Can it really be a coincidence that penises are often described as being mushroom like? Mushroom foraging isn't popular now but did our ancestors seen it as a way of teaching girls about penises? Is the rise in lesbianism linked to the decline in mushroom collecting?
Penises really are like mushrooms?
Penises really are like mushrooms?
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