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In a positive manner how do I get my wife to want to sleep with other men?

I have told my wife since we started dating that I am more than happy if she wanted to continue sleeping with other guys. Her and I were fuck buddies to start with and it turned me on like crazy when. She told me about her and her other fans. I was honest with telling her that I am very much into being cuckolded.. that seemed a little to hands on for her at first.. she has slept with at least one guy that I know of since we started actually dating. she told me about it when she thought I was asleep😁 she is beautiful has a gorgeous curvy little body and the tightest downstairs I've ever had!! I have been clear that I don't consider myself a "real man" as I have a tiny flaccid penis, it inverts when I'm not erect.. when hard she is lucky if it makes it to 4.5 inches.. I take female hormones to make myself comfortable in my own skin.. they have shrunk me down to about 4 inches and I now have B cup breasts (which I LOVE) she has told me many times that I'm not a real man and i happily agree with her.. she used to love having sex all the time. Now its 1 every 3 months with me if I'm lucky.. I'm not complaining at all.. I can't blame her.. I want her to have as much fun with a real man as she wants! I've stopped wearing men's underwear (I've always hated wearing men's undies) she is not such a fan of me in panties all the time.. I wear my bras newly daily.. she gets a bit upset when she notices.. could me being more feminine push her to enjoy being physical with a real man?

In a positive manner how do I get my wife to want to sleep with other men?
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