Leggings only for women?

I'm a boy and I like to hump my bed while wearing leggings I love the tightness and softness I bust inside of them then toss them for later I've been humping and wearing leggings for a little bit ever since I discovered when I first tried on my moms pair of leggings I got really horny in them I don't see myself as a crossdresser it's just how they look and feel on me make meh I like them a lot and sometimes I even buy myself a pair of leggings or pantyhose or anything tights just pants it's like I have my own body fetish when i wear them and masterbate I've stollen family members leggings and humped in them my legs are thick not tough and rough looking like most guys legs are and the leggings compliment my legs and butt and it make me horny especially the black see through leggings I often have weird cravings for when I want to wear them and as soon as I put start to put one leg into the soft cloth of the leggings I get hard right away I just love the tightness they make me feel so good
11 mo
Basically I'm asking does this make me gay like I don't like guys whatsoever it's more of liking myself I sleep in leggings sometimes to and it drives me crazy
Leggings only for women?
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