Fwb: a good idea or not? What do I do?

I was chatting with a guy I've known for 2 years and we were flirting subtly. He proposed that we become fuck buddies out of the blue. And now I don't know how to handle it.

We started talking 2 years ago because his number was saved on my old sim. I still don't know how it got there but he was a nice guy so we kept talking. We never met but we've run into each other while hanging out with other people. He's friends with a lot of my high school friends and he likes the night life.

I am in no way attracted to him. Even flirting with him was kinda awkward for me (and I am a very flirty person) because I just can't see him in that light. I also don't trust him because of his lifestyle and previous relationships. One of my major concerns is that he knows my ex and I don't want him (my ex) finding out that I'm friends with benefits with that guy.

The only reasons why I wanna say yes is because I haven't had sex in MONTHS, I like adventure and I've always been the friend with flings (they have never been sexual... not yet)

I've been contemplating having a fuck buddy but I'm not sure about it. Like I'm more than fine on my own, I can't get myself to trust people in that way in a short lapse of time and I don't know if I have enough time for it. In short, I'm not sure if I'm interested YET.

I don't know what to do. Should I say yes or just decline it? And if I say no, how do I make things not awkward between us? I don't want to bump into him again and have that awkward moment when we have to pretend that everything's normal.
Fwb: a good idea or not? What do I do?
11 mo
Thank you for your opinions <3
I realised that I don't want any kind of relationship with any guy atm...
Fwb: a good idea or not? What do I do?
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