Should small guys be encouraged to go gay instead?

I keep hearing guys with small penises moaning about how we keep rejecting them and it's impossible for them to get sex. It's no secret that a small penis can't satisfy a woman and both partners are left unsatisfied.
However if these guys went gay they could enjoy the pleasure of a well hung pounding their asses. Surely that would give more satisfaction than unusual fumbling and slipping out they usually experience.
Before anyone says their not gay, fair enough but surely any sex is better than no sex.
11 mo
Lot of backlash against this but all I mean is since their penises have failed to develop properly perhaps they'd get more sexual satisfaction from RECEIVING anal.
11 mo
Reading the comments it's pretty obvious which guys have the small penises. Their anger confesses their petite penis.
Should small guys be encouraged to go gay instead?
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