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Girls, Would you let him do this?

me and my friends (3 boys and 2 girls including me ) were at an overnight , and there was this huge bed where all the 5 of us could sleep comfortably. so , the lights turned off , and even after an hour of laying me and the guy i was sleeping next , weren't sleeping.

but out of nowhere he just placed his hands on my stomach , just a few strokes (caressing my bare stomach as i was wearing a crop top) , he clearly knew that i was awake , but he was looking at the window while doing it. I really didn't know what to? I was between comfortable and not comfortable. as he was just caressing my stomach and not my other parts

i thought let him just do it maybe he was feeling bored or something ,(and it also kinda felt good lol)
what would you do if you were in my situation? and the guy just rubbing ur tummy?
i thought he wanted to cuddle with me or something , I don't know and then next both of us were completely fine like nothing happened at all

would you let a friend of urs (male) do this to you? if yes. where would you let him caress you?
1) face
2) neck
3) shoulders
4) hands
5) stomach
6) thighs
7) feet
8) back
please write a yes/no there :)

#81194262 - A mans hand caressing a womans belly - somewhat like this
Girls, Would you let him do this?
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