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Why is he ignoring me now?

Me and this guy I met online have been flirting with each other for over a year now. And I have a crush on him, as I thought he had on me. As he's the one who tried really hard in the first place to flirt with me and to get me to sext with him. Which eventually happenedas my feelings for him became something more. We both sent each other pictures and have talked and video chatted. But I noticed after we sexted really heavily a little over two months ago he basically has been ignoring me after. I've made attempts to say hi and stuff to him. He either ignores me or seems to wait till he has to go to work or something to reoly and say he can't talk. Then says he'll talk to me later and never does. I don't get why he's been like this, especially after being the one to instigate us sexting last time we spoke and seemed to be super into it up until I said I had an orgasm. But it's actually been hurting my feelings because I don't understand why he's ignoring me or ehat I did wrong. And I've been trying to see if he'll talk and I'm still ignored. Is there a reason he won't talk to me? Or won't even say why not?
Why is he ignoring me now?
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