If I am a crossdresser or a sissy what should I do to cope?

I'm obsessed with cross dressing and looking like a girl. Yet I'm not gay I've been told this could be cross dreaming. I am curious though what I can even do about it and how do I get it out of my head? Do I need to indulge it and just crossdress? The issue is I can't do it on my own and will need a salon or a girl.
However I bet it helps me release pent up stress from it.

On the other hand is it better to keep reading crossdressing stories/porn and hope it holds back my desire to crossdress, so I dont go to a salon for a total makeover. Unfortunatley if that route fails then I'm crossdressing and watching porn.
10 mo
I was using match but got literally zero lol. Tried okcupid but nothing doing. haven't tried anything else. I refuse to do tinder because it seems like crap. I got a good job and a good career as an electrical engineer I'm in a weird industry for most folks though. I work construction so I'm always doing something new ever year or 2 so I'm all over the place. I did exactly as you said in regards to describing my job and tried to show passion. Only want sex with a girl but I enjoy huniliation.
If I am a crossdresser or a sissy what should I do to cope?
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