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Girls, how old were you when?

1. You realized that you were going to get tits?
Sub-question: were you excited to find out or disappointed?
2. You became aware of what you could do (having babies, etc.) with your body?
3. That it felt REALLY good when you were touched in a certain area, either accidentally (sitting a certain way, being touched there while rough-housing, or whatever) or on purpose?

I don't know about you but, I never had "the talk", I just discovered it on my own. "The talk" for me was, I was in the house watching t. v. one summer day when my brother came in and said dad wanted to see me. He was out on the front porch. I think I was in my early teens. I went out front and dad was sitting in a chair in the far corner and I went up to him and he said, "If you ever have anything you want to know about, don't be afraid to come and ask me." I assumed he was talking about sex. I said, "Okay.", and went back in to watch t. v.! I pretty much already knew most of what he would've told me. He had a copy of The Joy Of Sex, which I'd already borrowed a few times without him knowing about it and he had a lot of Playboys he got from work and I had a number of friends who, even though they were a few years younger than me, seemed to already know a lot of this stuff and were keen to share it!.
Girls, how old were you when?
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