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Dis I do something wrong? Does he not fancy me?

I’ve been dating this really sweet guy who has been lovely to me and very thoughtful. Always kissing me but like little cute ones on the head and constant cuddles. He even brought me back a little present from his holiday.

i honestly though the sex would be fireworks... but it wasn’t...

he couldn’t stay hard and I felt like a complete and utter failure. The first time he just gave up and make me come orally.

The second time it took him ages to get hard and we had sex but literally minutes later he came after only being in one position. he made some awkward comment afterwards and then went down on me.

i feel like he’s not very experienced with women but I can’t be sure.

Does he just not fancy me? The first time we had drank alcohol so I put it down to that and first time nerves but it happened a second time. He seemed to just want to kiss for agessss and not actually get down to the deed and rip my clothes off which is what I’m used to.

Dis I do something wrong? Does he not fancy me?
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