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Is it really that bad?

I'm super open w myself n others sexually I'm not like spreading my legs for every guys who asks but I usually don't think twice about answering sexual questions n I absolutely have sent nudes b4 but I always cut out my face b4 sending them. I think it's kinda stupid that we bash on people for being really sexual when they're not hurting anyone like it's different if the other person isn't consenting but like y is it such a big deal if I have a sexual relationship w someone but not a romantic one? I like being open about who I am n I like the attention it gives I'm not stupid I always blocks creepers or people or get too push n I never give out real info aside from my nickname (Ari) so I wanna kno what u guys think is it really that bad that I'm a really sexual person n I'm super open about it? A lot of people will tell at me cuz my age but I really don't see a problem w it if I'm safe I don't know I guess I'm jus tired of being treated like a kid like I kno I'm still p young but I should b allowed to grow n learn 2
Is it really that bad?
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