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Do you think it was a coincidence or did he know?

So this morning I was in the living room sucking my boyfriends dick. He was saying things like “oh fuck” or “your so fucking good” every now and then and I was giggling and saying things like “you’re so big holy shit” and then just after we were done we both collapsed down on the sofa together and his brother came running down, laughed, banged on the door and shouted “breakfast!” We got up and my boyfriend and I sorted ourselves out, he put his cock away and I straightened out my hair as he had been grabbing onto it and it was roughed up. We walked out together and his brothers looked at one another and laughed and then one of them went “you’ve got a little bit of... just on your lip” and I went “oh” really embarrassed and wiped my lips thinking it was cum but they all laughed and I realised they were joking nothing was on my lips. Did they say this because they know? Or was that little joke just a coincidence?
Do you think it was a coincidence or did he know?
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