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Is my friends with benefits partner catching feelings for me?

So him & I used to date 2 years ago. We’ll call him Alex. Didn’t last long, he broke up with me. In May, he had initiated that we hook up. No strings attached. That’s been going on & off for about 7 months now. We started it back up after this other guy & I didn’t work out (we’ll call him Luis). So this one day, I was at work with Alex. I forgot to mention, we met at work. Anyway, it was the end of my shift but Alex was still working. I had changed into something more comfortable & I guess Alex was checking me out. After Luis came by my work to pick me up to go downtown, Alex had texted me while I was with Luis sitting by the water. Awkward. He messaged me saying “Hey, can I ask you a question?” I replied with “Yes?” & he answered with “Do you even have feelings for this guy?” Mind you, Alex & I were nothing at this point. Just friends. I replied with “I don’t know how I feel.” He then replied with “But does he treat you right?” I was at lost for words because why is he asking me these things, right? Turns out, he wanted to hook up but I turned him down because I wasn’t sure where things were going with Luis. A few months later, Luis & I had ended our “thing” & I admit, I hit up Alex to hook up again. He asked things like “Did you sleep with him?” Not sure why that mattered. On a side note, when we do hook up, he likes to make out for like 10 minutes straight first. He loves to go down on me & always expresses how much he loves it. He especially likes to say my pussy is his during sex. That he doesn’t like to share. He loves licking my cum off his fingers & always pulls me for kisses during. Or when he eats me out, he kisses my inner thighs. He’ll even kiss my forehead. The last time we hooked up, it was in his room & he offered for me to sleep over & cuddle. If we can’t at his, he’ll suggest we get a hotel.
Is my friends with benefits partner catching feelings for me?
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